A Day in Sf

We woke up early, walked to a local coffee shop and got coffee, I made homemade egg Mc muffins for us. We took the ferry to the city and watched the Open Air Show then went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass to listen to some tunes. Watched the sunset over the city from the back of the ferry on the way home, mid a pit stop to get ice cream. And now Iā€™m here. What a life.

Roll #3

Taken on a Fuji Film disposable. 

Roll #2

Taken on a Fuji Film disposable.

SF Photo Meetups

I've had the wonderful opportunity to attend two of the last photo meetups hosted in the Bay here, the Lands End/Baker's Beach Meetup and last weekends Twin Peaks Meetup. Through these events (which are free and hosted by folks in the photography community) I've meet many talented people, shot some of my favorite photos, and got to eat pizza with A+ views of San Francisco with some A+ people. Here's some of my favorite shots from the meetups! If you're located in the Bay area and would like to shoot, I'm currently doing TFP sessions for the month of June. Contact me and let's create something beautiful!

Roll #1

Taken on a Kodak Disposable camera. San Francisco 2018.