January-Oakland's First Friday

This has become one of my favorite nights of the month. I love walking around and chatting with local vendors and artists. It amazes me how much passion some of these folks have and how genuine they are to connect and create and just overall how cool they are. From tattoo artists creating rad shrinky-dink earrings to folks starting catering business out of the back of vans, this community has a bit of everything for everyone.

Taken at Oakland’s First Friday in January.

Roll #6

We made the four hour drive to Tahoe one weekend for some fresh air and new views. It was really nice; we spent the weekend walking around and exploring downtown. The universe must of had some good karma in store for us too, we managed to snag some kayaks on the last day of the season. We explored Emerald Bay for a few hours and made our way to the “Tea House” on the little island in the middle. Definitely a great way to spend a weekend away.


The lake really is that blue. It’s crazy!

Taken on a Kodak disposable.

Roll #5

Taken from a disposable I carried around in my backpack for a few weeks. My ventures in Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, Ca.

Roll #4

November 2018. From a quick 2 day trip back to Illinois. I was lucky enough to catch a little bit of snow the morning I left and had just enough time to drive down to the local forest preserve (Silver Springs State Park) to snap some quick shots before I hopped back on my plane.

A Day in Sf

We woke up early, walked to a local coffee shop and got coffee, I made homemade egg Mc muffins for us. We took the ferry to the city and watched the Open Air Show then went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass to listen to some tunes. Watched the sunset over the city from the back of the ferry on the way home, mid a pit stop to get ice cream. And now I’m here. What a life.

Roll #3

Taken on a Fuji Film disposable.